NATM Tunneling


  • Excavation
  • Installation of Girders
  • Installation of wire mesh
  • Shotcrete Application (wet & dry method)

The New Austrian Tunneling Method, the world’s most widely used underground construction method, partially owes its success to the technical breakthroughs in shotcrete technology over recent years.Known as NATM, this system of tunnel engineering is more a set of principles or a philosophy than a prescriptive, technical method.

NATM seeks to maximize the terrain´s inherent resistance and support capacity, and is widely recognized as one of the most economical techniques for building and evaluating tunnels.As well as providing significant savings in support material costs, personnel and a reduction in project timelines. In fact, it is the construction method chosen par excellence to build a huge number of tunnels worldwide.

LTA- T226 Natm Tunnel LTA Project-Crosspasage
Shotcreting – Tunnel Temporary Lining Tunnel Eye Breakthrough