Tunnel Permanent Lining


  • Installation of Reinforcement bars
  • Steel System Formwork

The basic materials for tunnel lining construction are cast-in-place reinforced concrete, cast iron and steel. These materials are chosen according to conditions of construction area and tunneling methods. The lining has permanent application as opposed to temporary lining (mine working support). The shape and size of lining are defined by size, depth and function of the tunnel and sort of take up load (rock pressure, hydrostatical pressure, traffic load, etc).

Cast-in-place lining is mainly used for construction of tunnels with most complex structure and big cross-section. Technological production schemes of concreting for tunnel construction are defined according to hardness of rock, tunneling methods, depth, length and appropriation of tunnel and applied mechanic machines.

Project-T213- 2 arched Tunnel Completed Tunnel Permanent Lining
Project-T226 Project- T213- 2 arched south bound tunnel